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For over twenty years as a professional saxophonist I have had the good fortune of using the DEJACQUES saxophone strap exclusively. It is much more than a strap.
It is essential to my playing.
This strap has allowed me to feel a true bond with my instrument, as a natural extension of my body.
Simply essential.
Like a fine automobile, it always feels 110% and really makes you want to drive down your 'musical highway' for as long as you wish.

"I will always be inspired and in awe of the enormous capabilities of the saxophone. Its true beauty is inherent in its ability to be immersed in all styles and genres of music.

Playing an instrument can at times be daunting and overwhelming. Each of us as musicians travel our own musical journey that spans a lifetime of high and low points throughout our careers.

We are far from perfect, but always striving for self betterment and excellence! I am both fortunate and humbled to be constantly practicing, performing, and teaching on an instrument that is demanding yet so rewarding at the same time."

Rachmaninoff, Vocalise


Dubios, Concerto


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