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Unlike any other saxophone strap on the market, the DEJACQUES strap leaves me with the  undeniable sensation that the horn isn’t just hanging on my neck, but that it’s somehow CONNECTED to me, uniting the tenor saxophone and me as one physical body.
The ingenious clamping mechanism quickly and safely secures my horn, so I am free to create in the moment.
Furthermore, its sleek appearance and lightweight design coupled with the stylish signature DEJACQUES leather trim, make an iconic visual statement that pairs perfectly with my favorite suit 
or trendy t-shirt.
Truly remarkable.  The DEJACQUS strap isn’t just part of my setup, 
it’s part of me. Matthew Alec

My life experience has mirrored my music experience in a lot of ways. I meandered through childhood without goals or focus, just as I did with music. Although I began playing at the early age of 10, music was not a priority for me until I discovered Charlie Parker at 17. Even then, I lacked the basic understanding of true commitment and what it took to succeed. Sometimes I still do even to this day. Music as an art is incredibly difficult and to make matters worse, music as a business is even more difficult. It's extremely easy to get discouraged as I have at many points in my career, just as I have in life. Perseverance is the only choice that matters. Life and art are ongoing dilemmas conquered by attrition. Persevere and you will succeed.

The saxophone is truly a remarkable vehicle for self-expression. From the sultry and inviting timbre of its middle register, down to the thundering lower register, way up to its blistering altissimo, the instrument is capable of every human emotion making it the perfect color compliment to songs of all genres.

I've spent many hours over the years through practice sessions, rehearsals, and performances attempting to master my command of the tenor saxophone, although stubbornly I must admit that perfection is an unattainable goal. With every new level of understanding attained, it seems only to beg further possibilities and more questions. In the end, we seek the strongest connection possible between our intellect and our instrument, so that we can craft our ideas in their truest and most honest fashion.

—Matthew Alec

Blues for McCoy


Never With You


Give What You Take

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