Ultra Strap for Saxophone and Bassoon

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Clasp: Attach instrument ring by pushing against jaws, which close and lock automatically—held by a tension spring. Unlock by pushing ring backward against a hidden plunger, opening jaws. Remove with sideward or rolling motion while ring is against plunger. These actions can be accomplished in a fraction of a second.

Slide: Ease of After the proper length is determined, it is held firm from slipping, even when the tension is removed. To lower instrument, pull slide downward toward clasp with weight of instrument on clasp.

The deJacques Ultra Strap employs patented design principles that simplify a critical link between musician and instrument. (See DeJacques Saxophone Strap Technology for more details about the design of this strap.)

DeJacques Saxophone Strap clasp and slide diagram

The deJacques saxophone strap has a unique clasp and slide device with quick attach/release coupling and precision fingertip length adjustment.

Recent Jaw Upgrade

The HEAVY DUTY MODEL now tests to 120 pounds tenisle strength.

From select dealers or direct from DEJACQUES


This strap is the  DELUXE  DEJACQUES,  created to celebrate our award, “Best Saxophone Neck Strap.”

It is black with the  DEJACQUES  logo branded on golden-tan, oiled leather end pieces of neck band. Clasp edges are polished to a satin finish.

DeJacques Saxophone Strap - Award Model

The DEJACQUES Saxophone Strap was awarded “Best Saxophone Neck Strap.”

An independent Consumer Research Company, BESTCOVERY, providing expert reviews and rankings, picked DEJACQUES number ONE.

Excerpts from BESTCOVERY article, “Why It's Best.”

“Technology that you don't find on any other strap.”

“Slide NEVER slips...easiest to pull in the industry”

“Smartest and finest in the woodwind world.”

The Award Model is not currently available for sale.

"Best Strap Out There"

DeJacques Ultra Saxophone Strap:
Awarded Best Saxophone Neck Strap
DeJacques Ultra Saxophone Strap
Awarded Best Saxophone Neck Strap

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